Phoenix Man Nabbed With Car Full Of Illegal Guns

On Monday, July 1st  2024 the United States Border Patrol Anti-Smuggling Strike Team tracked down  a vehicle traveling erractically on westbound on Interstate 10 at Chiriaco Summit.

The driver was 22 year old Alexis Ayala Molina of Phoenix, Arizona. 

His car was loaded with 29 firearms, and  27 of them were configured as assault rifles, one bolt action rifle, and one semi-automatic pistol with several rounds of miscellaneous ammunition. 

Out of the 29 guns,  15 of them had obliterated serial numbers. The obliteration of serial numbers is often done to avoid detection from law enforcement. 

The guns had come from Tempe, Arizona, and were being smuggled into California illegally. 

Ayala Molina was arrested and jailed in Indio on numerous weapons charges.


Gun Bust at Chiriaco Summit CA July 1st 2024

Photo from Riverside County Sheriffs Dept