Palm Springs Seeking Section 14 Information From Survivors

The City of Palm Springs recently hired the Architectural Resources Group (ARG),  to research and analyze the facts surrounding the complex history of Section 14, just east of Downtown Palm Springs.

In order to help ARG with the fact-gathering in what is being called an Historical Context Study, the City of Palm Springs is asking the public to assist in this endeavor by providing historical documents, photos, even memories,  regarding the history of Section 14.

A survey is available on, click on Section 14 Survey.

Questions in the survey include:

  1. If you are a Section 14 Survivor, please provide your name and the address of where you lived on Section 14, the dates you lived there, any supporting documents you’d like to share, and your contact information.
  1. Do you have any memories, historical documents, photos, or other  information regarding the history of Section 14 you would like to share with the City?

A draft report of the Historical Context Study is expected to be completed in September 2024, with a final presentation to the City Council slated for November 2024.


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Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR