Online Ticket Fees Remain…You Will Simply Find Out What Those Fees Are…At The Start Of Your Ticket Purchase

Two ticketing  companies are vowing to end “surprise junk fees”  following pressure from the Biden administration.

However, don’t be deceived.

You will still pay those fees.

You will simply know what those fees are, and how much they will cost you, early on in the process of purchasing a ticket online.

President Joe Biden says  Ticketmaster parent company Live Nation, and a ticketing company called SeatGeek, have  agreed to  show all fees ‘upfront’ for ticket purchases to shows, concerts and games.  But that new policy won’t start until September 2023.

You will still pay the fees.  But instead of selecting your seats and then finding out the cost of the fees at the end of your purchase when you are reading to give Ticketmaster your credit card information, the new policy will provide you with a total cost of your ticket, upfront, before you even proceed further and give your address, and credit card number.

Because you will know the total cost upfront, you can decide if you want to spend the money on the ticket or not.

Of course, you probably are well aware by now, that buying a ticket on Ticketmaster is much more expensive than buying a ticket at the box office directly.

Many entertainment venues across the U-S have gone to online ticketing only, so you don’t always have an option.

Any company that sells tickets online to concerts, shows, games, etc. will charge you a fee for the convenience, also tacking on delivery fees, and handling fees even if your purchase has been done completely electronically online.

Competitors like AXS, and Stub Hub charge fees too.



Two  Concert tickets.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR