Oasis Mobile Home Park Residents Will Be Using Bottled Water Through 2023 As Water Quality Issues Persist;  CA Taxpayers Footing The Bill

It’s not exactly helping the environment, but the residents  of Oasis Mobile Home Park will be using bottled water throughout all of 2023.

The California  Water Resources Control Board has awarded a grant of nearly 884-thousand dollars  to Riverside County to continue the distribution of that bottled water at the Park.

Oasis Mobile Home Park has had water quality programs for years.  In July of 2022, residents at the Park were told the water was not safe to use for anything.   They have been using bottled water since then.  Some is coming from the landlord of the park,  and the rest is coming from the County.  The California Water Resources Control Board started providing some funding in October 2022.

Some residents have been moved to other mobile home parks while efforts are underway to clean up the water problem at Oasis Mobile Home Park.

The Coachella Valley Water District is working on a regional project  to  improve water quality in the Eastern Coachella Valley.



Photo Caption – Antonio Villaraigosa (center), during a tour of the eastern Coachella Valley facilitated by Supervisor Perez earlier this month, stopped by Oasis Mobile Home Park where volunteers from TODEC Legal Center were distributing water to the residents. Villaraigosa, the former Mayor of LA and California State Assembly Speaker who is now serving as California Infrastructure Advisor, helped load cases of water into vehicles driving up and talked with volunteers from TODEC Legal Center.