No Change In Palm Desert Voting Districts, Ranked Choice Voting; City Council Ponders Charter Amendment

After plenty of discussion, the Palm Desert City Council opted to wait a couple of weeks for staff to come back with more information before voting on what to do with voting districts and ranked choice voting in town.


There are 2 districts now, and the only other option available is to split the current large District #2 into 4 districts, and keep the small District #1, which would give the city 5 voting districts.


But residential development plans north of Country Club Drive is something Palm Desert Mayor Kathleen Kelly wants to consider.  Council members Jan Harnick and Evan Trubee agreed with her.


So, without a formal vote on any motion, they directed staff to study the feasibility of putting a charter amendment proposal on the ballot in the next election to let voters chime in.


The stipulation would be that 2 districts could be altered when 60% of growth has occurred in North Palm Desert.


The next Palm Desert City Council meeting is June 8th.



Voting hand with ballot and wooden box.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR