Mountain Road Repairs Proceed; 243 Still Closed Between Banning & Idyllwild

Photo of Highway 243 near Lake Fulmor from Caltrans

A damaged stretch of State Route 74 between Hemet and Mountain Center will be available to motorists 18 hours a day during the  Memorial Day weekend in an effort to accommodate holiday travel, according to Caltrans.

The 15 mile segment will be accessible from 6 a.m. to midnight on Saturday May 25th, Sunday May 26th, and Monday May 27th.

Pilot drivers will be guiding motorists in both directions until clear of all construction zones on the two-lane corridor.

The speed limit for escorted vehicles is 25 mph.

Sections of the highway have uneven, unpaved roadbed with narrow passage, and there is still some dirt and rock and mud tp contend with.

On Tuesday May 28th, access on the road will be back 4 a-m to    8 a-m and 6 p-m to midnight.

State Route 74 from Hemet to Mountain Center still needs extensive repairs, especially near Strawberry Creek, to fix the damage from February 14th storms.

It won’t be fully open until the middle of summer.

Meanwhile Highway 243 from Banning to Idyllwild remains closed.

To get to Idyllwild, you have to take Highway 74 from Palm Desert, then connect to the 243 in Mountain Center.


Photo of Highway 243 near Lake Fulmor from Caltrans




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