More Than One Hundred Drivers Nabbed In Moreno Valley For Talking, Texting On Cell Phones

Since 2008, it has been illegal to hold a cell phone and talk, text or use an app, while you are driving.

The law, though well-intentioned, is unenforceable.

There are simply not enough police on the streets, to see, pull over, and hand out tickets to every driver who violates that law.

From time to time, sting operations are set up to nab violators.

Such was the case in Moreno Valley, where the Riverside County Sheriffs Dept set up 4 distracted driving enforcement operations in the month of April.

106 drivers were cited for violating California’s cell phone law.

Before you start driving, the Sheriffs Dept suggests you put your cell phone somewhere you can’t reach it.  The trunk is a good spot.

That will prevent you from using the phone while you are trying to drive your vehicle.



Young woman sending text messages while driving. Her attention is on the cell phone she is holding. She is not paying attention to the road.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR