Man With 3 Felony Arrest Warrants Arrested At Hotel In Temecula

Ever stay at a hotel, and wondered who might be staying in the room next to yours?

Well, on Monday September 11th 2023, around 1 in the afternoon folks staying at a hotel on Jefferson Avenue near State Route 79 in Temecula found out.

Deputies were called when 38 year old Christopher Williams refused to leave his hotel room.

A check of his record indicated he had 3 outstanding felony warrants, 2 for domestic violence, one for resisting arrest.

Williams refused to cooperate with deputies commands that he leave the hotel room, forcing deputies to evacuate other guests in nearby rooms.

Two hours later, deputies were still working to get Williams to comply.

Eventually, deputies had to throw tear gas canisters into the room, to force Williams out.

No one was hurt in this incident.


Metal police handcuffs

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR