Man Shot During Confrontation With Deputies In San Jacinto CA

A man on a bicycle has been shot and killed by deputies in San Jacinto.

At 3:22 Tuesday afternoon, october 31st 2023, this man walked into a business on South San Jacinto Avenue.

He had a gun. 

He did not shoot anyone, but someone saw him with the gun and called police.

After hopping on a bicycle, the man with the gun rode away and stopped behind a business further down the street.

Deputies saw the man, and instructed him to get off the bicycle.

He did, but pulled out a handgun, threatening the lives of the deputies, and that was the last thing he would do.

He was shot by deputies.  Paramedics were unable to save the man.

No deputies were hurt.


Yellow police tape at night with blurred blue and red lights from police cars and emergency vehicles.


Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR