Light Sentence For DUI Plea; Blood Alcohol Content Was Twice The Legal Limit

It’s a mere slap on the wrist for a College of the Desert Trustee.

It’s the case of  Rubén Pérez who has pleaded guilty to 2 counts of  DUI.

He ws stopped by deputies just before one in the morning on February 10th 2023 in La Quinta.

He spent little more than  one day in jail, then was let out on bail of 3,500 dollars.

Following his guilty plea in May of 2024, Perez was slapped with a punishment of just 4 days in jail,  given credit for the day he served when he was arrested, and will do 2 days of work release with the Sheriffs Department.

His blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest was more than double legal limit of .08


A court gavel, a car key, and a shot glass of whiskey on a counter.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR