Job Burnout Arriving Mid-Year For California Workers

A company called Software has surveyed 3-thousand workers nationwide to find out when we all burnout on the job.

Nationally, the average worker starts showing signs of burnout on July 1st, 6 months into the year.

Californians fare better than most, lasting until July 10th before they start burning out on the job.  Folks in Joe Biden’s home state of Delware are burned out by March 19th.

Even people with a high level of education are not immune.

Lawyers hit the burnout button on June 10th, while people in the energy business last well into July.

So what exactly is job burnout?  Stress on the job causing exhaustion, then resentment, performance drop, then total burnout.

Solution?   Start you own company, work for yourself, sign your own paycheck, pick your own salary. 

 Or be born into money, buy a winning lottery ticket, or make sure the partner you marry is filthy rich.

Other than those options,  suck it up and get back to work.


Stressed out young man, with his forehead resting on the keyboard of his computer.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR