Jennifer Siebel Newsom Urging Californians To Get Moving & Get Fit

If you want to improve your health, you can check with your doctor, then focus on improving your diet, and starting an exercise program.

This afternoon at 3 o’clock, at the State Capitol, Jennifer Siebel Newsom will join State Legislators, and people from the healthcare and physical fitness industries to kick off a program titled California Moves for  Physical and Mental Fitness Month.

Right now people in California are not moving much, and eating too much.

40% of adults in California have  at least one of five chronic conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, serious psychological distress, or asthma.

The Kaiser Family Foundation stats from 201 show more than 32% of adults reported symptoms of anxiety or depression. Of course, 2021, we were still hampered by the Covid 19 pandemic and the government’s draconian devastation of the economy through forced lockdowns and hysteria.

The event Mrs Newsom will attend will include a health and fitness fair where attendees will be told they can  improve their physical and mental health, and help avoid chronic conditions such as diabetes, depression and heart disease, by participating in Yoga, Dance, Zumba, Boxing, and exercises with kids.

If you work for a living or run a business and you want to  go to a gym, you have to pay.

But under a proposal from the California General Assembly, AB 1338 would use taxpayers  dollars to pay for gym memberships for any person on Medi-Cal…which is California’s version of Medicaid, which is the welfare program for health care coverage.

Blurred photo of fitness equipment in a gym.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR