Indio Hires Firm To Come Up With ‘Fiber Master Plan’

The City of Indio has partnered with Magellan Advisors to develop a Fiber Master Plan.


It has nothing to do with you gulping down a fistful of flax seeds or stuffing your cereal bowl with oat bran.


This is not Metamucil for dear old Mom.


It’s a Fiber Master Plan to enhance what is being called  cost-effective next-generation broadband to expand innovation and quality of life in Indio.


In the months ahead, Indio will team with Magellan Advisors to reach out to people in the city to get their input on what broadband options they want to see.


Indio City Manager Bryan Montgomery says “a Fiber Master Plan is a vital investment for our business community, and will also help meet the demand for high-speed connectivity across the City for everyone.” 


Who will pay for this Master Plan, taxpayers in Indio, as the money is coming from the city’ General Fund.


Timeline? It’ll take half year.  Should be finished in March of 2022.


You can get an overview of the plan at the Indio City Council meeting on October 20th 2021.


Of course, you can learn more at, but you will need to have access to the internet already in order to do that.


IT technician with network equipment and cables

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR