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In Your Face; Mask Debates Far From Over

Photo from Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner's Office
Photo from Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner's Office

La Quinta City Councilman Steve Sanchez was in no mood to wear a facemask at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.


That did not sit well with the rest of the City Council, which did wear facemasks.


Sanchez argued he was able to breathe better without a mask, and that Governor Gavin Newsom picked the arbitrary dates of December 15th 2021 to Jan 15th 2022 and issued an indoor mask mandate for all of California.


As for Covid-19, it does not have a calendar.  It is likely to be just as contagious on January 14th 2022 as it will be on January 16th 2022. The virus won’t magically disappear on January 15h 2022 when California’s mask mandate ends.


Yet on January 14th 2022 you have to wear a facemask, but on January 16th 2022, you don’t…unless California picks another arbitrary date and extends the mask mandate.




Photo of boxes of disposable facemasks  from Riverside County CA Agricultural Commissioner’s Office

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