Identities Confirmed; Three Men Shot & Killed On North Side Of Palm Springs

We have the names of the people found dead on the north side of Palm Springs  Sunday afternoon June 30th 2024.

27 year old Jacob Lombardino of Hesperia and 37 year old Glenford Gatewood-Quilter of Loma Linda were found shot to death in a car near Garnet Avenue and Indian Canyon drive.

Not far away, near the Indian Canyon overpass over Interstate 10, police found the body of 34 year old Donta Tinnin of Victorville.

So far it appears that Tinnin shot and killed Gatewood-Quilter and Lombardino in the car, then shot himself to death just minutes later.

All of this taking place just after one in the afternoon on Sunday June 30th 2024.


Muzzle and front sight of a 9mm pistol.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR