Galilee Center Looking To Expand To Help Farmworkers, Border-Crossers Seeking Asylum; Fed Tax Dollars Will Help With The Expansion

The Riverside County Board of Supervisors has approved another $1 million of taxpayers money, to pay for  the expansion of the Galilee Center in Mecca. That money is coming from American taxpayers via the federal American Rescue Plan Act.

The Galilee Center provides services to farmworker and migrant families in the eastern Coachella Valley.

Two months ago, in June 2023,  the County allocated half a million dollars to the Galilee Center.

That’s on top of the 2 million dollars from California taxpayers coming from the 2023-2024 State of California budget.

The proposed expansion at Galilee Center could cost 5 million dollars.

In addition to helping local farmworkers, Galilee Center provides services to people from around the world who are crossing the border from Mexico into the United States seeking asylum.

The expansion of Galilee Center will add a 6,500-square-foot emergency shelter offering dormitory rooms for men and women.


Packs of dollar bills falling through the air on a white background.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Palm Springs CA