Female Thief Robs 87 Year Old Woman In La Quinta; Thief & Accomplice Nabbed In Murrieta

On Monday February 20th 2023, at 11:39 AM, deputies responded to a strip mall on Highway 111 between Jefferon Street and Dune Palms Road in La Quinta.

An 87-year-old woman was sitting in her car in the parking lot, waiting for her husband to return from a nearby store.

Suddenly, a Romanian woman opened the door of the old woman’s car, grabbed a ring and a necklace from the old woman, and took off.

That 38 year old thief, along with a 39 year old Romanian man were captured later that day in Murrieta.  The stolen ring and necklace were found inside their vehicle. The suspects have a spiffy cell at the County Jail in Indio, facing robber and elder abuse charges.

As for the 87 year old victim, she sustained minor physical injuries and did not need medical aid.

Who knows what emotional ramifications an experience like that can have on someone that age.


Metal police handcuffs

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR