Feds Move To Supply Drug Addicts With Clean Needles

The U-S Health and Human Services Department is unveiling a new  strategy to curb the explosion of overdoses from illegal drugs.

But the policy does not involve helping people kick their habit.

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has rolled out a plan that calls for American taxpayers to pay for what he calls ‘harm-reduction techniques.’

Those include providing drug addicts with clean needles so they can continue to inject drugs.  Also, test strips, which would be used by drug addicts to test common street drugs to see if they might be laced with fentanyl.  A quarter of a teaspoon of fentanyl can kill a person.

And the Health and Human Services Department is working on reducing what it refers to as ‘inappropriate prescribing of opioid  painkillers, which are highly addictive.


Close-up of man boiling heroin in spoon while holding a syringe in his hand.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR