Federal Case In OR Pits 6 Covid-19 Survivors Against Governor Kate Brown

Six Oregon residents, who have recovered from the Covid-19 virus, are suing the Governor of Oregon and the Oregon Health Authority.

At question is the recent order issued by Governor Kate Brown, to fire employees who decline to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

This is a case in federal court.  

The plaintiffs say mandating people to get the vaccine, fails to take into account natural immunity of people who have recovered from the virus.

The lawsuit claims the mandates are about government control and not based on any science.

Claiming her action is due to the Delta variant, Governor Kate Brown has set an arbitrary date of October 18th 2021, for everyone working in a school, or  healthcare setting, public or private,  or a state agency, to get the Covid-19 vaccine.  

There is no date or science related to the October 18th 2021 deadline date.

If they can’t prove they have gotten the vaccine, they will be fined 500 dollars per day, until they get vaccinated or fired from their job.


Courtroom gavel and desk.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR