Duo Nabbed For Robbery Near Blythe

A man from Louisiana has teamed up with a woman from Corona to rob a store in Mesa Verde a short distance from the airport in Blythe.

It was just after 5 in the afternoon on Saturday August 26th when 28 year old Anthony Stallings and 32 year old Charity Burnley entered the store, started arguing with the employees, threatened to shoot the employees,  then grabbed some merchandise and fled in a gray sedan.

They did not get far before Blythe Police spotted their car, conducted a traffic stop and arrested the dangerou duo on robbery charges.

No not only are Stallings and Burnley in the town of Blythe, they are in jail in the town of Blythe.


Aug 29th 2023 Stallings and Burnley robbery suspects in Blythe CA

Photo from Riverside County Sheriffs Dept