Desert Water Agency Donates $60K To United Way

At 10 a-m on Wednesday September 15th 2021 the Desert Water Agency will hand over a giant-sized check to United Way.


The check is for 60-thousand dollars and comes from late fees paid by DWA customers who don’t pay their water bill on time.


The money will be distributed to DWA customers who can’t pay their water bill at all, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Those are people who may have lost their jobs or their businesses during the government lockdowns in 2020 and 2021, and are at risk of having their water turned off.


The United Way has a water bill assistance program called Help2Others.


The check presentation on September 15th 2021, marks the 60th Anniversary of the Desert Water Agency.


Customers can apply for $200 a year in water bill credit by going to and filling out a simple online form. 


United Way of the Desert manages the water bill assistance fund and can connect customers to other Covid relief efforts as well.


The $200 credit covers roughly 20% of the average annual water bill for a DWA customer.



big pile of money american dollar bills on white background 3d illustration.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR