Desert Hot Springs Felon Busted For Making Guns With A 3D Printer

As you know, the Coachella Valley is not famous for being a huge manufacturing hub.

The desert economy relies on people with money coming to town as tourists to golf, play tennis, and drink alcohol by the pool.

But nobody told 36 year old Eric Ahrens of Desert Hot Springs who has been busted manufacturing firearms illegally.

In October 2023, members of the Coachella Valley Violent Crime Gang Task Force received an anonymous tip of a convicted felon manufacturing firearms. 

On November 3rd 2023, Gang Task Force members  arrested Ahrens on Ironwood Drive just east of Palm Drive in Desert Hot Springs.

When they searched his home, deputies found several firearms, which Ahrens was building by making parts with a 3D printer.

Ahrens is jailed in Indio for  being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, ammunition, and manufacturing undetectable firearms.



Stash of guns found in Desert Hot Springs November 3rd 2023.

Photo from Riverside County Sheriffs Department