Dems In Sacramento Target Law-Abiding Citizens, Not Criminals, In Latest Gun Control Effort

In the wake of recent mass shootings in California, Democrats in the California Legislature are targeting law-abiding citizens with the latest legislative proposals.


State Senator Anthony Portantino is sponsoring Senate Bill 2.  It would set a minimum age of 21 for anyone trying to get a concealed carry permit in California.


It would also set restrictions on where you could carry a concealed weapon, even if you have a concealed carry permit.


Two of the most recent mass killings in California were done by men born in a communist country…China. 


Neither of them had their weapons concealed when they attacked and killed people at a dance studio near Los Angeles, and 2 small farms near San Francisco.


Young woman, facing the camera, pointing a handgun at a target.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR