DAP Health Rolls Out Free Vending Machine

If you need any harm reduction materials, you can get them for free, from the vending machine inside Hunters Nightclub on Arenas Road in Palm Springs.

DAP Health has stocked the machine with  Narcan (the brand name for naloxone, the nasal spray that can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose), HIV self-test kits, GHB safer-use kits, fentanyl testing kits, safer-boofing kits, and safer-snorting kits.

The Narcan will be marked as Narcan.

The other  products will be displayed in unmarked, color-coded bags so any peeping Tom looking over your shoulder can’t eavesdrop on what you are getting out of the machine.

To get a product from the machine, you will have to use a touchscreen  to answer an anonymous nine-question survey about age, gender, race, drug(s) of choice, and HIV/HCV status.

In time, DAP Health will set up 11 more vending machines around the desert.


DAP Health Free Vending Machine.

Photo from DAP Health Palm Springs CA