Courts Bickering Over CA Law Banning Concealed Carry

A new California law prohibiting people from carrying concealed guns in public places is hitting the legal merry-go-round. And at this moment, people with concealed carry permits in California can carry their guns in public.

In December 2023, a U-S District Judge ruled the ban on concealed carry was unconstitutional, and blocked it from taking effect.

A few days later, a Appellate Court ruling reversed that decision, so then California’s new law, signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom, was back on the books, prohibiting people from carrying concealed guns in many types of places including public parks, playgrounds, churches, banks, and zoos. 

Now another Appellate Court ruling over the weekend of January 6th and 7th 2024, has upheld the original ruling that blocked the law from taking effect in December 2023. 

The court says the ban violates the Second Amendment. 

So the ban is now on hold.   So, you can indeed carry a concealed gun into a park, a church,  a bank or a zoo, if you have a concealed carry permit in California.

Of course, like most laws, they don’t apply to criminals who do whatever they want whenever they want, regardless of what the law says.  

In a statement Governor Newsom’s office says the decision to block the ban of carrying concealed guns in public is dangerous and puts the lives of Californians on the line.



Photo from Getty Images Via Alpha Media Portland OR