CDC Panicked Over Steep Drop In U-S Fertility Rates; Sees Drop In Population, Less Demand For Products, Disaster For Nation’s Economy

The same gang that led the charge against Covid 19, are now telling all of us to start making babies.

The CDC has the latest warning about the sky falling, saying fertility rates in the United States have dropped 22% in the past 15 years.

Birth rates are down in every state, and the CDC says that is bad news, long-term for the nation’s economy.

However, there is another way to look at it.  Considering all the resources that just one human being uses, if we have fewer people, by extension, we will use fewer resources. 

That will help the planet, as less food will be consumed, less water will be guzzled, less gasoline will be burned,  we’ll use fewer boxes of kleenex, fewer rolls of toilet paper, fewer disposable cups from your favorite coffee shop…in general, lessen our carbon footprint on a tired mother earth.

Right now, U-S couples are not creating enough children to even maintain the population at its current level.

The Institute for Family Studies says all of this translates to schools closing  due to lower enrollment numbers,  fewer workers looking for jobs, fewer people buying items from the local discount store which stocks a lot of cheap stuff from China, and all of that could mean lower tax revenues for the government and a reduction in government welfare programs.



Teacher and toddlers in daycare.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR