Career Burglar Busted Again…For Burglary

On Monday March 13th 2023 at 6:30 in the morning, Desert Hot Springs Police  were called to Palm Drive, just south of Pierson.


Two businesses there had been burglarized around 4:30 that morning, with the thief taking items totaling 20-thousand dollars.


Police looked at surveillance video, and got a look at the suspect’s vehicle.


At  8:30 in the Monday morning, police got a call about a traffic crash on Atlantic Avenue south of Pierson, near Desert Hot Springs High School.


The car involved in the crash was similar to the getaway car used by the burglary suspects.


Inside the car, police found the items stolen in the burglaries.


The driver, 30 year old Edgar Torres Garcia, is a career criminal with multiple burlgary convictions on his criminal resume’ already.


When he was arrested, he was wanted on a felony warrant for… you guessed it…burglary.



Convicted Burglar Edgar Torres Garcia March 2023

Photo from Desert Hot Springs CA Police Dept