So what does 85-thousand dollars get you these days?

We could find out Wednesday night when a long-awaited investigative report lands on the desk of city council members in Palm Springs.

85-thousand tax dollars is what 4 council members agreed to spend to have a private law firm investigate why Mayor Robert Moon had a camera and intercom system installed at his office at city hall to monitor if people were going into his office after hours.

Even though the cameras are long gone, the investigation continued.

The council is expected to discuss even more pressing issues like what to do about electric scooters in town, how to pay for renovations to the Historic Plaza Theatre, and setting up guidelines to pick a mayor now that voters have been denied the chance to do it.

Edge-of-your-seat excitement?  Perhaps not, but the city council meeting starts at 6 o’clock Wednesday night at city hall nonetheless.


Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR