CA Taxpayers Will Pay For 2 Bridges On Indian Canyon Drive; Plans Include Space For Walkers, Cyclists

California taxpayers will pay to fix Indian Canyon Drive through the wash in Palm Springs.

The California Transportation Commission staff  has made its  recommendations for the first cycle of funding available in the Local Transportation Climate Adaptation Program.

The recommendations would initially invest more than 309 million tax dollars in 15 projects across California with a total cost exceeding $1.1 billion. 

According to the Transportation Commission, those 15 projects funded through this program will help protect local surface transportation infrastructure against the impacts of climate change in vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. 

The Commission will consider approval of the staff recommendations at its December 6th-7th  2023, meeting.

Tops on the list is spending  $75 million to build  two all-weather bridges on Indian Canyon Drive through the wash in Palm Springs. 

The aim is to prevent closures of the road during rain or wind storms.

The California Transportation Commission says the bridges will increase the resiliency of local disadvantaged communities by increasing their access to key destinations that are critical to their livelihood and well-being. 

The project also includes improvements to make walking and bicycling safer along the route.



Artists drawing of a proposed bridge on Indian Canyon Drive through the wash in Palm Springs CA

Photo from California Transportation Commission