CA Sues Major Chemical Companies For Producing Chemicals Used In Everyday Products For Decades
Bottles of household cleaning chemicals. Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR

California Attorney General Rob Bonta who suing several major chemical companies for dumping toxic chemicals in California waterways.

Everyday products contain toxic chemicals, from Teflon-coated pans,  carpeting and paint, to  car seats,  tires,  and even fire-retardent children’s pajamas. There are dangerous chemicals in everything.

Roundup weed killer is still sold at every hardware store in the country, even though DuPont has been sued numerous times and has paid out millions of dollars in settlement money.

AG Bonta is  suing 18 chemical companies,  DePont is one of them, 3M is another.

He is accusing them of endangering public health.

Bonta claims they knew or should’ve known the chemicals they produce are dangerous, calling the damage “nothing short of staggering.”