CA Reports Uptick In Covid-19 Cases

Most people are living their lives with no fear of Covid. 


The government has not issued any new facemask mandates…yet.  You don’t have to prove you have gotten the latest Covid-19 vaccine.


But quietly California is waving a red flag.


The California Health Department reports cases of Covid-19 are up 23% in the past month.


Nearly 450 patients are being admitted to hospitals around California every day, with Covid-19 symptoms


There are now nine counties that are at the medium level for risk of Covid-19 infection.


They are Los Angeles, Sacramento, Orange, Alameda, Contra Costa, Stanislaus, Merced, Tuoloumne and Mariposa. 



Coronavirus COVID-19 computer generated image.
photo used locally Feb 2nd 2023, and Jan 9th 2024

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR