CA Reparations Task Force Recommends Payout Of 8-Hundred Billion Dollars To Black Californians

The California Reparations Task Force has  approved payments of up to one-point-two million dollars to every eligible Black resident of California as compensation for wrongs committed during periods of slavery and discrimination

The state’s Reparations Task Force voted Saturday May 6th 2023 to recommend the cash payments and a formal apology.

A final report will be issued and sent to the California Legislature, where lawmakers will have to decide what to do next.

So far, the proposal would cost California taxpayers more than 8-hundred billion dollars.

In 2022, California had a surplus of 98 billion dollars.  In 2023, it is saddled with a 22 billion dollar budget deficit.


Packs of dollar bills falling through the air on a white background.

Photo by Alpha Media USA Palm Springs CA