CA Looking At Buying Electricity From Wyoming;  Large Wind Farm Has Been Planned For 17 Years

California’s plan to generate all electricity from renewable sources would include getting power from a giant wind farm in Wyoming.


But that would require building the farm at a cost of 5 billion dollars and then stringing transmission lines from Wyoming to California to deliver the electricity…at a cost of another 3 billion.


This project is already 17 years in the planning stages, with numerous delays due to government red tape.


This is no estimate as to when this wind farm will start generating electricity for California.


At 5 o’clock Monday morning June 10th 2024, California was importing 34% of its electricity. 


It was generating 24% of its electricity from renewables, and 64% of that was from wind power.  


Natural gas was generating 10% of electricity, while large hydroelectric plants were generating 17 percent.


Nuclear was generating 11%. 


Battery storage of solar energy was only producing 2.4%



High voltage electrical towers with a rustic sunset in the background.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR