CA Legislature Dragging Its Feet On EDD Probe; Repeated Delays Raise Doubts

There’s another delay for the California Legislature’s probe into wrongdoing and incompetence at the state unemployment office, or the EDD, the Economic Development Department as it is officially called.


There is supposed to be an audit hearing into the 31 billion dollar quagmire that has left tens of thousands of Californians without unemployment benefits, while their checks were actually sent out to prisoners who scammed the system and filed fraudulent claims using stolen identities of people who were actually out of work.


That audit was supposed to begin on August 17th 2021, then was moved to August 24th, then was moved to September 21st to avoid any nasty headlines that might have harmed Governor Gavin Newsom’s reputation prior to the recall election.


Well, the hearing has been postponed again, now supposed to happen on October 13th 2021.



Money attached to a clothesline with clothespins, coming out of an electric dryer.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR