CA Gets Poor Grades Dealing With Lung Cancer

The American Lung Association has come out with its 2023 “State of Lung Cancer” report.

The news is not good for California, which ranks 51st  in the nation for lung cancer screening rates. 

There are only 50 states, but of course there is the District of Columbia.

The report also found that California ranked 3rd in the nation for new lung cancer cases and 15th for lung cancer survival.

Nationally, the “State of Lung Cancer” report found that lung cancer survival rates are improving for everyone. 

In California the lung cancer screening rate is barely above half a percent, .7%.

More than 25% of people who have lung cancer in California receive no treatment at all, compared to 20% nationally who get no treatment at all. 


Closeup of a doctor listening to the lungs of a male patient in a hospital gown.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR