CA Econ ‘Surging’ According To Governor…But High Jobless & Poverty Numbers Say Otherwise

California Governor Gavin Newsom has resumed public duties following some time off to spend with his family on Halloween, and to attend a wedding for the wealthy Getty family in San Francisco.


Speaking at an economic summit in Monterey, Newsom described California’s economy as surging and dominant..


However, many Californians are not so upbeat.


A survey from the Public Policy Institute of California show more than half the state’s residents expect a rough year head, most of that due to a scarcity of good-paying jobs.


25% of Californians and 36% of lower-income Californians, say they worry daily about their monthly expenses for housing, electricity, gasoline,  their growing mountain of household debt, and saving money for retirement.


Still problematic for California…it has the highest unemployment rate in the nation at 7.5%.


And it has a poverty rate of 17.2%, the worst in the nation.



Rundown neighborhood with rundown building, tent nearby.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR