The California Legislature has sent a 215 billion dollar state budget to the Governor for his approval.


The budget includes 100 million dollars to pay for healthcare for people who are in California illegally.


The budget carries a 22 billion dollar surplus.


And lawmakers want even more.  


Governor Gavin Newsom pushed for penalties on taxpayers who do not have health insurance.


It’s called a health penalty tax.


The Obama Administration pushed through a similar tax at the federal level when it passed the Affordable Care Act.


But that punitive tax, referred to by the federal government as a shared responsibility fee, was rescinded by the Trump Administration.


But now there will be a health penalty tax in California if you are unable to afford to buy health insurance.


Better gas up the ‘ole gas guzzler now, because coming July 1st, is a new round of gasoline tax increases.   


The gas tax in California will go up 6 cents per gallon, two weeks from now.




Photo by zimmytws by istock by Thinkstock by Getty Images