Berger Foundation Eyes Expansion Around Acrisure Arena

The Berger Foundation is actively talking with developers as it plans to lease 450 acres of land around Acrisure Arena.

There are no firm dates set yet, but Berger is looking to surround the Arena with hotels, multi-unit housing, entertainment,  and hospitality venues.

Development is dependent on the economy and supply chain issues, and the ongoing status of negotiations with developers who are interested in building around the Arena.

Berger Foundation is not interested in selling its land, but prefers to lease the land.

In time, with the right economic climate, future development could also include upgrades to Varner Road, west of Cook Street, and development of property west of Ivey Ranch Country Club, though those considerations are not part of the initial 450 acres immediately surrounding the Arena.


Acrisure Arena in Thousand Palms CA

Photo from Rancho Mirage CA Chamber of Commerce, Oak View Group and Acrisure Arena