Bellies Getting Bigger, Thanks To Government Lockdowns And Stay-At-Home Orders

All that staying home, coupled with people eating more, and  gyms being forced to close has not done anything good for Americans waistlines.

States with an obesity rate higher than 35-percent have almost doubled over the last two years.

CDC data shows  nine states reported an  obesity rate of 35% or higher  in 2018, and 16 states reported an obesity rate of 35% or higher in 2020.

The states that recently crossed the 35-percent threshold include Delaware, Iowa, Ohio, and Texas.

Meanwhile,  all 50 states are reporting at least 20-percent of their adult population is obese,  that’s 1 our of every 5 adults.

The highest obesity rates are in the Midwest and the South.

States with the highest obesity rates are Mississippi, West Virginia and Alabama, all coming in at over 39-percent.



Man with fat belly.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR