The Inland Empire Economic Partnership and Californians for Balanced Energy Solutions, are joining together with officials from 20 cities across Riverside and San Bernardino Counties  to fight for what they call balanced energy solutions.


They say they want fair policies for residents that keep utility bills affordable, maintain energy reliability, and preserve consumer choice.


About 90 percent of homes in Central and Southern California use natural gas at home, for a water heater,  heating,  or cooking,  and studies show that consumers favor natural gas for those uses because it is more affordable than electricity. 


But the California Energy Commission and California Public Utilities Commission are considering new regulations that aim to eliminate natural gas use in new and existing homes in favor electric-only energy.


The goal is to go to a product called renewable natural gas (RNG) produced from emissions at landfills, wastewater, farms, and treatment plants.


Photo by Alpha Media USA Portland OR