All Westbound lanes on the 60 Freeway through the Badlands in Moreno Valley will be closed Thursday night October 10th at 10 p-m until Friday morning October 11th at 5 a-m.


The 5 mile stretch of the freeway from Jack Rabbit Trail to Gilman Springs Road will be closed as crews position equipment and remove boulders.


That same section of the Westbound 60 Freeway will be closed from 4 a-m Saturday October 12th until 8 p-m on Sunday October 13th, and only one  lane will be open on the Eastbound 60 Freeway in that area.


They are embarking on work to build designated truck lanes in that very congested area which handles a lot of truck traffic.


In addition, crews are flattening several of the most curvy road sections to improve motorists visibility, and widening freeway shoulders to 12 feet along the outside lanes, and 11 feet on the inside lanes, adjacent to the center divider.


As for the deer and the antelope, and burros and bears in that area, they can cross the road at any of the 23 wildlife crossings that are being built under the 60 freeway.


This is all part of the Swarm 60 road reconstruction project that will be going on through the end of 2021.


The project is being funded through Measure A county sales taxes, as well as grants from state and federal sources.


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Photo by nastenkapeka by istock by Thinkstock by Getty Images