Bad Hombres Rounded Up In East Valley

A dozen people from the east end of the valley are back behind bars after a parole compliance sweep  Wednesday  June 12th 2024.

The Coachella Valley Violent Crime Gang Task Force served  search warrants throughout the Thermal, Mecca, and Oasis communities. 

Additionally, several probation and parole compliance checks were conducted on the same day in an effort to subdue unwanted criminal behavior in those  areas.

During the operation, five illegal  firearms were confiscated, and 5 people from Mecca, 5 from Thermal and 2 from North Shore were rounded up and taken to county jail in Indio.

They are all facing various weapon-related charges, violation of their probation or parole terms, and some had outstanding arrest warrants.

  • John MacKnight, 34-year-old of Thermal
  • Francisco Mulato, 31-year-old of North Shore
  • Christian Mulato, 23-year-old of North Shore
  • Carlos Monreal, 28-year-old of Thermal
  • Luis Sotelo, 40-year-old of Mecca
  • Jaime Gudino, 49-year-old of Mecca
  • Scoty Lewis, 52-year-old of Mecca
  • Ricardo Miranda, 35-year-old of Thermal
  • Juan Huaracha, 26-year-old of Mecca
  • Gregorio Chaidez, 65-year-old of Thermal
  • Victor Lopez, 44-year-old of Thermal
  • Luis Centeno, of Mecca


Pair of steel handcuffs.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR