After March Stimulus Checks, Personal Income Drops In April

Personal income is falling more than 13-percent.

But, it’s all relative.

The April numbers from the U-S Commerce Department are a bit skewed because they come on the heels of the March 2021 stimulus checks showing up, and most Americans received 14-hundred dollars from the federal government, and that caused a surge of 21 percent in personal income.

In April, without the boost from a stimulus check, personal income dipped 13 percent, but that is still better than a dip of 14 percent the Commerce Department was forecasting.

Americans continue to save at a high rate and consumer spending rose about a half percent in April.

Disposable personal income,  after taxes and other government withholdings  fell by 14-point-six percent.




3D render of a dollar sign disloving into dust.

Photo from Alpha Media USA Portland OR