Additive Ban Moving Forward in California; But You Have Plenty Of Time To Enjoy Junk Food Before The Ban Goes Into Effect

It is now up to Governor Gavin Newsom to ban 4 food additives found in many processed foods.

The California Legislature has passed the ban , as part of Assembly Bill 418.

It is known as the Skittles Bill, because it initially focused on titanium dioxide used in Skittles candy.

Titanium dioxide has been removed from the final piece of legislation that was passed and won’t be one of the chemicals being banned.

If Newsom signs it, the legislation would ban the sale of foods and drinks in California that contain red dye No. 3, potassium bromate, brominated vegetable oil and propyl paraben…starting in 2027.

So you would have more than 3 years to get your fill of those additives.

If Newsom signs the bill into law, it would mark the first time that a state has banned food additives that are permitted by the Food and Drug Administration.

The four chemicals are  in the European Union and in other countries, but have been used in foods and health products in the U.S. for decades.

They are in some soda products, and other drinks, along with highly-processed foods like  icing, hamburger rolls, candies,  desserts, and snack foods.


A woman holding a basket of Halloween candy.

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR