16 Year Old From Indio Facing Attempted Murder Charge: Robbed Another Teen, Then Opened Fire On A Car

We have more information on an attempted murder in the City of Coachella.

Monday evening May 22nd 2023,  just after 6 o’clock, deputies were called to Douma Street not far from Bagdouma Park.

The investigation shows a 16 year old black male robbed a 17 year old Hispanic male at gunpoint.

It all went downhill from there.

The 17 year old victim contacted his parents who promptly drove to the area, and noticed the suspect sitting in a vehicle.

The victim’s parents attempted to take photographs of the suspect and his vehicle, so they could have some evidence to show  police.

But an argument ensued, and the 16 year old suspect opened fire on the victim’s vehicle, striking a 34-year-old Hispanic female and her 14-year-old son. 

A family member drove the victims to a hospital.  Both are expected to survive.

The suspect fled on foot but was captured a short time later on Flamingo Avenue in Indio.  He’s jailed at Juvenile Hall for attempted murder, robbery and assault with a deadly weapon.

Deputies confiscated a loaded gun from the suspect’s home.

A juvenile passenger who was with the suspect is still on the run.


Metal police handcuffs

Photo from Alpha Media Portland OR