Sandbags Available @ PSFD

The Palm Springs Fire Department is warning residents to brace themselves for heavy rain.

A sizeable storm is coming on Friday Jan 20th, followed by a little break on Saturday, before another large storm hits the desert on Sunday January 22nd into Monday January 23rd.

If there is thunder and lightning, stay inside and don’t use electrical equipment.

Call 9 1 1 in an emergency.

Don’t drive across flooded roads.

Learn alternate routes in case your primary route is flooded.

Each city resident can get up to 10 unfilled sandbags at the Fire Department Admin Building at 300 North El Cielo in Palm Springs.

There is sand in the north parking lot at City Hall, also on El Cielo.

You can get the bags between 8 in the morning and noon, and 1 until 6 in the afternoon.

Bring your own shovel.

Check your tires and your windshield wipers, and your emergency kit at home and in your vehicle.


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